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Volume 38, Issue 1

Here we go with our first issue of volume 38 of the Prison Break Newsletter!

Also, due to the amount of time between issues, this post will be rather long. I'll try to cover as much as I can, but as always, feel free to comment if I've missed something important.

Fandom News
Wentworth Miller interview via moposh
Dominic Purcell in Hulk 2? via moposh
Wentworth Miller's AskMen profile via elizabethb
Paul Adelstein comedic role via katbaggins
Dallas interview via bbrownsugar
S2 SPOILERS from Ask Ausiello ( via moposh
Robin Tunney on Celebrity Poker Showdown via imafuzzball
Emmy Noms for Prison Break via imafuzzball
Locals Get a Shot at the Small Screen via imafuzzball
Casting sides posted (SPOILERS WITHIN)

Pictures & Photograph
Amaury Nolasco at the Ghost Bar opening in Dallas at [PrisonBreak-Online] posted by lady_iz
Lane Garrison pics posted by lady_iz
T-Bag's look for season 2 posted by thelana
Weekly T-Bag posted by imafuzzball

Somewhere I Belong (T-Bag) by bottledshapes
Going Under (Michael/Sara) via abby_i
T-Bag video by bottledshapes
Untitled (Lincoln, Michael, Sara) by maxiechan
Fan recording of RK shooting a scene for the second season posted by thelana
Riot by tv_fan
Prison Break uktv Gold Promo clip posted by feilongfan
Whatta Man (Michael, Lincoln, Sucre and T-Bag posted by spoiled_andrea

13 manips (warning: slash, nudity, etc) by thelana
Michael/Sara wallpaper by kelz3192
Dom/Went banner by imafuzzball
Wentworth Miller header by nemo_88
Prison Break wallpaper by smth_blue
Michael/Sara banner by dajourneyisover
Michael/Sara wallpaper, 4 Sarah Wayne Callies banners by bitterfig
3 Sarah Wayne Callies headers by kat641
2 wallpapers by david_lucena

7 icons by cordy_jay
37 icons by maybetomorrow
28 icons by keen_and_peachy
4 icons by micheemee
22 icons by _klotera
13 icons by who_lost_sock
11 icons by khallandra
13 icons by gloomy_mind
20 icons31 icons by countess_violet
6 icons by steralizetheemo
3 icons by bottledshapes
16 icons by kelz3192
15 icons by sightsee
35 icons by helcaxe
9 icons by kelz3192
7 icons by eeriewhisper
20 icons by _klotera
12 icons by accrues
29 icons by keen_and_peachy
30 icons by keen_and_peachy
20 icons by _klotera
6 icons by the_swingset
24 icons by timeblind
3 icons by musicophilia
28 icons by marumaru_san
28 icons by dajourneyisover
12 icons by timeblind
10 icons by lady_iz
20 icons by _klotera
217 icons by giveitmegood
9 icons by kelz3192
18 icons by kelz3192
1 icon by david_lucena
165 icons by just_irys

Encounters (Lincoln/Veronica, R) written by sierra_foxx
She's Not Mine (PG) written by pamalax
Pieces (10/10) (Sara POV, PG-13) written by angelicus
Found (Michael/Sara, PG) written by miss_mazzie
Courage (Lincoln/Sara, PG) written by wenty_freak
Prison Break (Gen, G) written by accrues
Trick of the Light (part 6) (Michael/Sara, PG-13) written by msgenevieve
Twist of Fate (part 3) (PB/DW XO, PG13) written by accrues and canadian_kazz
I Get Lonely (Gen, G) written by pamalax
Shadows (Michael POV, R) written by angelicus
Interception of Fate (Michael/Sara, PG-13) written by cathartic_prose
Third Date, Third Base (Gen, PG-13) written by mikhale
Love Notes (Michael/Sara, PG) written by elizabethb
Where Did It All Go Wrong? (Lincoln POV, PG) written by angelicus
Check prison_breakfic, prisonbreak100, & Prison Break Fic for more Prison Break fanfic!

Prison Break Awards on Hiatus
Final voting for Prison Break Fanfic Awards Now Open!

New Communites & Websites
elizabethb has created a Lane Garrison Fanlisting
Robert Knepper Fansite

Have something you'd like to submit for the next issue (news, wallpapers, fanart, icons, fanfiction, etc.)? Send it to prisonbreaknews @ or comment here!
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