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Volume 145, Issue 1

1 * 20 * 09

It's the Prison Break Newsletter, yo. Did we miss something? Comment here or email prisonbreaknews @ gmail.com

Friday, April 17, 2009 (9/8pm): Episode 4.17
*italics represent unconfirmed airdates & episodes

Episode News
Episode 4.20 Plotline & Casting Call at [Spoiler TV]
Episode 4.20 Casting Sides at [Spoiler TV]

General Show News
Fox Cancels Prison Break at [The Ausiello Files]
Prison Break To Wrap After 4 Seasons at [Yahoo]
Why Did Prison Break Have To Die at [Watch With Kristin]
Top 6 Moments Of Prison Break Season 4 Thus Far at [Buddy TV]
8-Year Old McAllen Actress Stars In Prison Break at [The Monitor]
Exec Producer Talks About The Final Season at [Entertainment Weekly]

Jodi Lyn O'Keefe Interview at [TV Guide]

Fandom News
2008 Icon Of The Year Winners at pb_stillness
Round Two Voting Open at pbslash_awards
Challenge 96 at pb_stillness
Banners at pb_stillness

Pictures & Photography
Behind The Scenes at [Spoiler TV]

Spring Episodes Trailer at [Spoiler TV]
Robert Knepper Interview at [Spoiler TV]

5 banners by holly_87
9 animations by kasienka_nikki
8 banners by bubbly159
29 animations by lil_miss_coolio
8 banners by woofgal

6 icons by neated
35 icons, 36 icons & 38 icons by flatlined
4 icons by breaded_fish
5 icons by loudlunacy
15 icons by x_cracking
29 icons by kasienka_nikki
17 icons by aliasledger
16 icons by royalacid
24 icons by gennagurl
59 icons by coffee_mill
6 icons by bubbly159
27 icons, 9 icons & 23 icons by holly_87
12 icons by mothergoddamn
6 icons & 16 icons by plushiie
5 icons by littlehutt
12 icons by curiositys_sin
23 icons by eveningflares
34 icons by violetdarko
10 icons by marap
7 icons by pinxess
27 icons by early_sunsets
20 icons & 47 icons by darkly_doc
6 icons by vargesz

Fan Fiction

Off Into The Sunset (Sara, Katie) by tj_teejay
Square (Gretchen, Emily Morgan) by tokenblkgirl

If You're On A Mission, (You Got My Permission) (Michael/Sara, Kellerman) by poisonshades ~ ADULT
By The Fire (Michael/Sara) by poisonshades ~ ADULT
Plan B (Maricruz/Sucre) by tokenblkgirl ~ ADULT
Long Time Coming (Michael/Sara) by bnleah ~ ADULT
Smoke In Her Eyes (Michael/Sara, Kellerman) by darkwriter69 ~ ADULT
Unwrapping Possibilities (Lincoln/Gretchen) by clair_de_lune ~ ADULT
Follow Up (Michael/Sara) by clair_de_lune ~ ADULT
Her Skin (C-Note/Kacee) by clair_de_lune
Pipe Dream (Michael/Sara) by wrldpossibility
Amending The End Game, Ch. 2 & Ch. 3 (Lincoln/Gretchen) by badboy_fangirl ~ ADULT
Laundry Reprieve (Michael/Sara) by chatty_cat ~ ADULT
Fortune Teller (Michael/Sara) by wrldpossibility
The Gentle Art Of Pleasure (Michael/Sara) by rosie_spleen ~ ADULT
Interference, Ch. 9 (Michael/Sara, Lincoln, Veronica, Nika, Katie, Westmoreland, Kellerman, Frank Tancredi) by leikvin
Bitter Raspberries (Michael/Sara/Lincoln) by clair_de_lune ~ ADULT
Separation, Ch. 3 (Michael/Sara, Lincoln) & Ch. 4 by bnleah ~ ADULT
Any Other Questions (Michael/Sara) by clair_de_lune ~ ADULT
Sin (Lincoln/Gretchen) by tokenblkgirl ~ ADULT
Slipping Away (Lincoln/Veronica) by halfshellvenus
Playing Doctor (kid!Michael/kid!Veronica, Michael, Lincoln, mentions of LJ & Veronica) by clair_de_lune
Risk Management (Lincoln, Michael/Sara) by sierra_foxx
Fragile (Michael/Sara) by msgenevieve ~ ADULT
Down The Sluice (Lincoln/Sara) by clair_de_lune ~ ADULT
Fade (Michael/Sara) by poisonshades ~ ADULT
Success (Lincoln/Veronica) by badboy_fangirl ~ ADULT

Sweet Jane (Jane/Sofia) by happywriter06 ~ ADULT
In Quiet Dissolution (Michael/Lincoln) by halfshellvenus
Need Like Burning (Michael/Lincoln) by halfshellvenus
Unsettling (Michael/Lincoln) by clair_de_lune ~ ADULT
Sucre (Michael/Lincoln) by freaky_nea ~ ADULT
By Different Rules (Michael/Sucre) by halfshellvenus
Borderline, Ch. 7 (in German) (Michael/Lincoln) by amodalie
Sona, Pt. 34 (Michael/Mahone) by serafina20 ~ ADULT
The Reason (Michael/Mahone) by michele659
Something About Jane (Sara/Jane) by clair_de_lune ~ ADULT

Challenges/Plot Bunnies
2009 Challenge 1 Wrap-Up at pbhiatus_fic
2009 Challenge 2 at pbhiatus_fic

New Communities & Websites

Michael/Mahone fanmix by sarkastic
Gretchen/Lincoln fanmix by coffee_mill ~ ADULT

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